Our Mission

It has always been our company's charter to be an outstanding family oriented company. Not simply because many of us are Lowerys, but to create an organization that is self sustaining and supportive of all its people and its customers in the way that a strong family cares for and supports its members. We feel that we have succeeded in our goal through offering the highest quality products and superior service. We are committed to our customers receiving the freshest , highest quality product in the coffee industry.

Company Profile

In 1980 the company was founded by Don Lowery. He has spent his entire life in the food business. Twenty years with Oroweat Foods where he was the Northwest Regional Sales / Marketing Director. After leaving Oroweat Don looked around for a product which he could offer to customers that he could be excited about.  A lifelong fan of great coffee, he embarked on the learning and growth experience that brings you Lowery's as it is today


Our roasting facility is in Everett.  We produce a full line of Gourmet Whole Bean Coffee. Our coffee is 100% arabica, the finest green coffee from around the world. We have custom roasters and a state of the art after burner; designed to the highest of environmental standards. Our coffee is never burnt or bitter and our blending is extremely consistent year in and year out.


We are proud to be members of the Specialty Coffee Association of America.  We use all their resources to help us in our continuing quest to provide the best coffees available to our customers. 

Lowery's currently directly serves Washington, Idaho and Western Montana. We ship product all over the USA, and other parts of the world. We roast over 100 varietals and blends of Gourmet Coffee. We sell bulk coffee, packaged coffee, 1.5 oz. perfect pots, and produce some of the best espresso blends to be found.  

We started this web project as an adjunct to our shipping business.  As our customers move around we have begun shipping extensively in response to our customers who said "We can't get our favorite coffees here." 

Lowery's is a family company. In addition to our founder Don Lowery, we have his two sons, Jerry and Michael Lowery. Jerry Lowery has over 20 years experience in perishable foods and is currently our Roast Master and Vice President - Operations.  Nothing leaves our plant that is not roasted to his exacting satisfaction.  Michael Lowery has been with the company since 1986 and is currently our Vice President - Sales and Marketing.  

If you call Lowerys chances are good that you will speak to a Lowery.  This company has all our names on it and we are proud of it.